Bal Yogi Program (School Yoga)

We are well aware of the endless emotional and physical disorders that an adult faces due to unhealthy lifestyle choices and how the practice of Yoga can help them overcome these problems and lead a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, today children and youth are also victims of stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia, etc., due to a highly competitive environment and work culture. Peer-pressure, examination pressure, long working hours, irregular eating habits are a few other causes of a stressful lifestyle. Learning Yoga at an early age can have lasting and immense benefits on the overall health and well-being of the student. It is therefore not surprising that educational institutions have adopted Yoga as part of their everyday routine. Immaterial of whether you’re a student or adult, you are sure to find Yoga to be beneficial in terms of achieving peace of mind, maintain increased energy levels, improve flexibility, and find inspiration to channelize your energies in the right direction. A regular practice will result in improved posture, increase in lung capacity, memory boost, and help you develop a positive attitude and discover your highest potential. Research over the past years has shown Yoga to have stress-relieving powers on students, paving the way for improved academic performance with the practice of asanas, meditation and breathing exercises. Students talked of decreased stress levels and being more at peace to study, resulting in an increase in GPA. With stress, anxiety and negative thoughts side lined through meditation, Yoga brings forth thoughts that you need to be focusing on. Studies have shown that Yoga has better results than brain training. Historical wisdom has now combined with scientific studies to show that Yoga is a recommended therapy for students as well as adults.

Our mission is to empower students with yoga-inspired exercises to promote lifetime wellness. Our vision is to make yoga available in schools so that students develop body-mind awareness and the ability to nurture their own well-being.

The following are the benefits of Bal yogi Program (School Yoga) :

  •  To support the education of the whole child, thus maximizing the learning process and thereby bringing laurels to the school.
  •  Childhood obesity and lots of other kid health concerns can be addressed by getting kids to move more regularly.
  •  Eases anxiety and tension (such as pre-test or performance jitters).
  •  Enhances focus, concentration, comprehension and memory.
  •  Provides opportunities for reflection, patience and insight, reducing impulsivity and reactivity.
  •  Improves listening skills
  •  Wakes up sluggish minds and creativity as needed
  •  Improves posture, assisting students to sit comfortably for long periods.

Bal yogi program promotes a sense of teamwork and harmony in the child towards other classmates instead of competition.